Monday, May 30, 2005

An Invitation to the Public

This blog is intended to be a community blog. At least one main post will be dedicated to each subject covered on the Becker-Posner Blog. Anyone who catches any mistake or omission in any post by Becker or Posner is invited to comment to that post. Sufficiently compelling critiques will be elevated to main posts. (By commenting on this blog, you give permission for the maintainer to do so.)

I also invite anyone who is interested in regularly exposing Becker's and Posner's errors to join the team and make this into a group blog. Comment here.

Judge Posner: you asked for it.

From Judge Posner:

There is nothing to prevent the commenter from creating his own "anti-Becker-Posner" blog devoted to correcting our mistakes and omissions!

Well, here goes nothin'... content to follow shortly. Correcting, naturally, the Becker-Posner blog's mistakes and omissions.

(Note: I am not the original commenter who complained about Becker and Posner not responding to comments.)